We actively support individuals with Autism to understand the world around them. We do this by working with a number of strategies and approaches to help the individual develop skills and strategies for coping with different situations and handling communication.

The work we do offer is not just for Individuals with autism, we also offer family support, counselling and active engagement to support stability and progression.

A lot of our staff are Autism parents and understand the SAS parenting techniques needed at time for young people. However we also appreciate the gift of autism and its many abilities and challenges in adult life.

Learning Disability and Autism

We support people with disabilities to achieve their goals and ambitions no matter what they are, however we also work with that customer to enable them to self-regulate and manage their own behaviours better.

We are passionate about working with individuals to understand the world around them and for them to be as independent as they can be!

By working on communication and understanding not just with our customer but with their support circles we can enable progression.

We support individuals of all ages that experience Autism, offering support to parents and families as well as adults on the spectrum.

The world can be a really complicated challenging place if you have Autism or ADHD.