We offer a wide range of fun activities based on an hourly, daily or weekly basis.

Are you looking for some support on a daily or hourly basis? If so we offer lots of activities and opportunities for you to enjoy.

We have a specialised Art Room and Woodworking Centre, where you can make your own projects or work on some with us, or maybe our Cookery Sessions, or we can come to you and spend time doing activities you want to do! You can even do a qualification in these subjects if you want to!

We also offer life skills and progression support to support individuals in transition to adulthood, as there are lots of skills that need to be learnt to make this move!

We offer support in the way you want so maybe a day session with us and an evening in gaming, or trips out and about, our support staff are keen to support you and enjoy time getting to know you and support you to do what you want.

We can offer support from 1 hour to multiple days or weeks, so please call us and talk to us about your requirements.

Call us on 01473 290276

Bespoke Care

Do you have a specific need for support, we offer all of our packages on a bespoke basis so we can tailor to your requirements.

All of our staff are matched to their customers so that we can support in the best way possible, we do this by meeting and talking through your requirement’s and who you would like supporting you.

We truly support individuals!

Community Support

We come out in the community to support you and assist you in achieving what you want to achieve.  This could be a fun activity, an outing or Life Skills session to help with budgeting, shopping etc, or even a weekend away or holiday.

We offer a unique in sitting service if parents or carers want time out we come in for an evening, day or week and support in your own home, so you don’t need to find emergency respite care in a strange setting. We are totally bespoke with our care packages and will tailor them to what you want!

We also help with de-cluttering and other tasks and jobs that need doing in individual’s homes or in the community.

Please call us if you need any support in the community as we are confident we can support.