Dementia is a very difficult condition to live with, not just for the individual but also for family and friends. Here we support individuals to remain active using activities and projects to help with stimulation and engagement.

Respite for family is also important so we work with our customers to offer activities and fun, while day time respite is offered to the carers.

We also offer an in sitting service within homes to ensure people stay safe and busy whilst the family carers are out doing necessary tasks or trying to get some relaxation.

A lot of our customers with Dementia also enjoy the summer months at our small holiday in the fresh air, working with natural products and enjoy a social event with others.

We also offer groups and sessions for carers, losing a person to Dementia is an awful feeling and one that we understand. Our aim is to talk about that and share and support the whole family.

Please call us for more information on what we can do and how we can support